Spring is around the corner

A couple more weeks till spring, after the holidays winter never seems to end.


We always have a white christmas here in Northern Alberta. I love it, it adds to the coziness of Christmas. But when january comes around the corner i’m ready for spring. This february we had a great chinook blowing in, i was ready. I cleaned the tent, as part of my Spring cleaning, put out the cushions on the patio.


Felt the sun on my skin, took some nice pictures of my new decorations, i can’t wait to get glamping again. Me, my family, and our Glamping tent in our backyard. Love the feeling inside the tent that offers sunshine in the middle of winter.


Starting seedlings in the greenhouse, get the garden ready and pick destinations for the summer holidays. That last stretch before spring seems longer every year. This year we beat it, our winter depression with our own skating rink on our pond.  Friends came out for a fire on the ice and some skating.


We all had a good time, soon we will have to go ice fishing as well. Or maybe have a curling contest on a weekend. With all these activities, winter is not bad at all. In the end i almost regret spring, as everything turns brown and muddy!


Every season has its charms, but i have grown to love the winter season more and more , with the white roofs, northern lights and the full moons. Even the driving isn’t as bad as when i first moved here. I used to be that granny driving in the slow lane going 40km on the highway…… I know it’s bad, but i was admiring the vue….


Let’s look forward to spring, summer and glamping!