4 Things to Bring on a Glamping Trip (And 1 to Leave Behind)

The most successful glamping trips start with a little bit of planning. You have to decide what part of nature you’d like to immerse yourself in. America has beautiful coastal views on the East and West coast, and in between there are mountains, deserts, prairies, and forests waiting to be explored. You also have to decide what kind of glamping experience you’d like. There are more rustic glamping tents without water or electricity so you can retreat into nature in comfort, or tents with full bathrooms and even televisions to feel like a home away from home.

But what should you bring with you? Here are 4 suggestions of things to bring along to maximize your glamping stay, and 1 thing you should definitely leave behind.



Whether they be children, friends, or family, glamping is always enhanced surrounded by loved ones. Sure, you could go glamping for some much needed solo relaxation time, but our strongest memories are often created around those we love. Get your homebody neighbor off the couch and out in the forest for a weekend. Shut off your kid’s video games and plop them in front of a breathtaking mountain view. Bring the crew and you have a weekend stories are made of ready to go.


The Right Clothes

Yes, glamping combines the soothing effects of nature with the comforts of a luxury hotel, but that’s no reason to dress in 5 piece suits and sequin gowns! This is nature after all! You want to get your boots in the dirt, get some grass stains on your favorite hiking pants, and feel the branches scrape across your old, worn flannel. Dress for nature and then go out and see it. You can always return to your glamping tent at the end of the day, clean up, and slip into some comfy pajamas before laying your head down on a soft, real mattress.


Bug Spray


This definitely isn’t the fanciest or most fun suggestion on the list, but you definitely do not want to be stuck out in the woods, on the coast, or anywhere that has bugs (which is everywhere) without bug spray. This is especially in important in warm, dry climates where mosquitoes are known to gather. Don’t worry, in the right glamping tent you can shower off all that bug spray at the end of the day, but don’t let bug bites get in the way of your experience.


Your Dog

Or dogs! We’re not excluding multiple dog owners here. One of the perks of glamping tents is that dogs will feel right at home. They’re only a few feet from the outside, so they can run and play or use the bathroom if need be. No need to leave your dog home alone over the weekend, they’re family too!


And the 1 thing not to bring:


Your Stress, Your Worries, Your Cares


Did you get passed over for that big promotion? Is that leaky faucet getting you down? Forget those worries. Vacations and glamping are all about focusing on the positive, relaxing aspects of the nature around you. Do your best to relax and enjoy, focus on the present experience, and leave your cares at home where they belong.

Comfortable Glamping is in the Details!

At Woodytent we understand that a true, high-quality Glamping tent is judged just as much by the details as the broad strokes. After all, what good is a beautiful, hardwood tent with a world-class PVC roof if the zipper gets stuck or breaks and you can’t get inside? The answer is no good. Like a fine instrument or automobile, every part of the tent constitutes a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every little detail of our tents works together to create a Glamping experience like no other.

Laying the Foundation for Glamping Excellence

Every Woodytent starts with a foundation made of azobe posts. Azobe is an ironwood, a classification set aside for the strongest, most durable woods available. What this means is that our foundations are rock solid and built to last in all weather types and climate conditions. Upon this solid foundation rests a Waxed Wood treated floor that resists wear and water. A solid foundation means you’ll feel safe and secure dancing on the deck or chasing your energized children around the tent. It’s the most solid foundation we can provide, and you’ll notice it as soon as you walk in a Woodytent for the first time.


The Details in Between

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop at the foundation, it’s all over the tent. In fact, it literally surrounds and fills the tent! For example, the canvas that surrounds our tents is actually Camsphield! This fabric is fire retardant and shows the true character of the tent. As soon as you grab the weighty zipper on the front of the tent you’ll be able to feel the quality, weight, and durability that our canvas provides. And inside that cozy canvas enclosure is barnwood furniture, beautifully designed and sanded to remove any rough or sharp spots on the wood. Splinters aren’t a comfy Glamping experience, so we do our best to do away with them altogether!

Quality of the Highest Caliber

And finally to the top of the tent, where our commitment to using the best available materials continues. The frame and roof construction of the tent are constructed with 10cm brown, pressure-treated poles. They are thick, strong, and help add to the 5 year guarantee all of our Glamping tents include. But atop those brown poles is a PVC roof. Not just any PVC roof though. The PVC we use for our roofs is constructed by Serge Ferrari, and the strongest, most well constructed PVC currently manufactured this purpose. It withstands all climate and weather types and reflects UV better than other PVC materials. This means no matter the weather or temperature, you will remain comfortable under the roof of a Woodytent.

Have any questions about the materials or details that comprise a Woodytent. Visit our Contact Page and ask away! We’d love to hear from you.

Fall Into Autumn Glamping

Summer is finally at a close and the weather reflects that. All those fuzzy, warm sweaters are finally free from the closet and everyone is planning their Halloween costumes and carving pumpkins. It’s a beautiful time of year, especially to get in a little camping or glamping before winter time. Here are some fantastic reasons to take a trip to the outdoors before winter frost takes over.


The Colors

As seasons change, so do the trees, bushes, and plants that populate the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to live in a region that has very definitive seasonal changes, Fall is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the changing colors of the season. Gone are the greens of spring and summer, and now the leaves are changing to gold, brown, orange, and yellow. Waking up in a glamping tent and walking out into a bright, painted forest is a beautiful, immersive way to bring in the new season. Just don’t forget to take some pictures to make your friends jealous! But only a little…


Cooler Weather

Summer may be the most popular camping season, but it comes at a cost. Swarms of mosquitoes and crowds may be a mild, intermittent annoyance, but the one thing you can’t escape in the summer is the heat! Now is sweater weather, and there’s a special feeling brought about sitting by a campfire with friends, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under blankets or in your favorite flannel. And many glamping tents and cabins have heaters inside, so you get the best of the brisk, crisp autumn air surrounding you and then the relaxation and comfort a warm bed at the end of the night. It’s a soothing and highly satisfying contrast.


A Little More Forest to Yourself

As mentioned before, Summer is the busiest camping season of the year. While it can be nice to visit a crowded campground and mingle with campers, sometimes it’s nice to relax in a less crowded environment. Your drive will be a little less stressful with less cars on the road, and you’ll have much more quiet seclusion in the forest you choose to visit. Developing a personal relationship with nature is very important, and sharing that moment with a loved one can create very deep, vivid memories. So get out there and have a little more forest for yourself. Instead of listening to the hustle and bustle of a busy campground or park, you get to unwind to the sounds of the breeze blowing through the leaves, birds in the trees, and the rustling of critters preparing for hibernation. Now that’s a perfect soundtrack for a glamping trip.


Explore Columbus Day Weekend!

Make the best of your 3-day Columbus Day weekend with 3 tips to awaken the explorer in you.

          Many of us who grew up in America fondly remember the old adage “in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”. He then landed on the shores of the Americas and set into motion the founding of many new nations that celebrate Columbus’s discovery in different ways. There’s the obvious Columbus day in the US, but the discovery of the new world is also celebrated in European countries. In Spain they observe “Dia de la Hispanidad”, and Italy has “Festa Nazionale di Cristoforo Colombo” to honor Columbus’s adventures. In celebration of the 3 ships Columbus used to explore the Atlantic, and the 3 day weekend Columbus day provides us, let’s look at 3 ways you can awaken your inner explorer this Columbus day weekend.

1. Sail the Ocean Blue

     This tip is a little on the nose, but whether you’re able to discover your own uncharted island or not, sailing is a fantastic way to get in touch with the adventurous spirit of Columbus. Observing the wide open sea and breathing in the salty mist of the ocean is sure to open your mind to new possibilities and discoveries. Round up your crew, charter a boat, maybe even do some fishing. Half the fun is getting out there and experiencing the sea for yourself.

Want the full Columbus experience on a ship that resembles the old ships he sailed? Downeast Windjammer in Bar Harbor, ME provides boat trips off the coast that will feel authentic to Columbus’s expedition.

2. Shake Up Your Camping Routine

     At the heart of exploration and adventure is getting out of your comfort zone. You have to try new activities, see different locales and wildlife, and push yourself into the personally unexplored. If you or your family are used to visiting national parks for family trips try something new like ‘The Wild Walk’ in Tupper Lake NY.  Or maybe go on a trip to discover the charms of a small town you’ve driven past but never visited? There’s so much to see and experience out in the world, and all it takes is taking a couple of steps off your own beaten path.

The spiderweb on ‘The Wild Walk’ presents the opportunity to see a web from the spider’s perspective. It’s a whole new way of looking at nature and the world around you!

3. Get Closer and More Comfortable in Nature. Go Glamping!

     Any explorer knows that the key to discovery is getting a little uncomfortable and looking at nature in new ways. For example, if your family trips generally involve lugging around tents, food, and camping gear, why not take a trip to relax and focus on relaxing with each other? Try finding a campground near with you a glamping tent and experience the best of nature with comfort and relaxation. On the other hand, if you’re used to staying at campgrounds in cabins or glamping tents, take a chance on setting up your own tent or backpacking. There’s no right or wrong way to experience the outdoors, but until you try something you never know what you’re missing out on.

This Woodytent at Camp Little Arrow in Townsend, Tennessee is the perfect weekend retreat for your family and friends. You can relax and absorb the calming effects of nature in comfort.

Regardless of how you spend your Columbus Day weekend, we wish you safe travels and hope you and your family or friends create memories that will last a lifetime. Try new things, get excited about the outdoors, and discover something new about yourself.