Fall Into Autumn Glamping

Summer is finally at a close and the weather reflects that. All those fuzzy, warm sweaters are finally free from the closet and everyone is planning their Halloween costumes and carving pumpkins. It’s a beautiful time of year, especially to get in a little camping or glamping before winter time. Here are some fantastic reasons to take a trip to the outdoors before winter frost takes over.


The Colors

As seasons change, so do the trees, bushes, and plants that populate the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to live in a region that has very definitive seasonal changes, Fall is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the changing colors of the season. Gone are the greens of spring and summer, and now the leaves are changing to gold, brown, orange, and yellow. Waking up in a glamping tent and walking out into a bright, painted forest is a beautiful, immersive way to bring in the new season. Just don’t forget to take some pictures to make your friends jealous! But only a little…


Cooler Weather

Summer may be the most popular camping season, but it comes at a cost. Swarms of mosquitoes and crowds may be a mild, intermittent annoyance, but the one thing you can’t escape in the summer is the heat! Now is sweater weather, and there’s a special feeling brought about sitting by a campfire with friends, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under blankets or in your favorite flannel. And many glamping tents and cabins have heaters inside, so you get the best of the brisk, crisp autumn air surrounding you and then the relaxation and comfort a warm bed at the end of the night. It’s a soothing and highly satisfying contrast.


A Little More Forest to Yourself

As mentioned before, Summer is the busiest camping season of the year. While it can be nice to visit a crowded campground and mingle with campers, sometimes it’s nice to relax in a less crowded environment. Your drive will be a little less stressful with less cars on the road, and you’ll have much more quiet seclusion in the forest you choose to visit. Developing a personal relationship with nature is very important, and sharing that moment with a loved one can create very deep, vivid memories. So get out there and have a little more forest for yourself. Instead of listening to the hustle and bustle of a busy campground or park, you get to unwind to the sounds of the breeze blowing through the leaves, birds in the trees, and the rustling of critters preparing for hibernation. Now that’s a perfect soundtrack for a glamping trip.


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