Comfortable Glamping is in the Details!

At Woodytent we understand that a true, high-quality Glamping tent is judged just as much by the details as the broad strokes. After all, what good is a beautiful, hardwood tent with a world-class PVC roof if the zipper gets stuck or breaks and you can’t get inside? The answer is no good. Like a fine instrument or automobile, every part of the tent constitutes a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Every little detail of our tents works together to create a Glamping experience like no other.

Laying the Foundation for Glamping Excellence

Every Woodytent starts with a foundation made of azobe posts. Azobe is an ironwood, a classification set aside for the strongest, most durable woods available. What this means is that our foundations are rock solid and built to last in all weather types and climate conditions. Upon this solid foundation rests a Waxed Wood treated floor that resists wear and water. A solid foundation means you’ll feel safe and secure dancing on the deck or chasing your energized children around the tent. It’s the most solid foundation we can provide, and you’ll notice it as soon as you walk in a Woodytent for the first time.


The Details in Between

Our attention to detail doesn’t stop at the foundation, it’s all over the tent. In fact, it literally surrounds and fills the tent! For example, the canvas that surrounds our tents is actually Camsphield! This fabric is fire retardant and shows the true character of the tent. As soon as you grab the weighty zipper on the front of the tent you’ll be able to feel the quality, weight, and durability that our canvas provides. And inside that cozy canvas enclosure is barnwood furniture, beautifully designed and sanded to remove any rough or sharp spots on the wood. Splinters aren’t a comfy Glamping experience, so we do our best to do away with them altogether!

Quality of the Highest Caliber

And finally to the top of the tent, where our commitment to using the best available materials continues. The frame and roof construction of the tent are constructed with 10cm brown, pressure-treated poles. They are thick, strong, and help add to the 5 year guarantee all of our Glamping tents include. But atop those brown poles is a PVC roof. Not just any PVC roof though. The PVC we use for our roofs is constructed by Serge Ferrari, and the strongest, most well constructed PVC currently manufactured this purpose. It withstands all climate and weather types and reflects UV better than other PVC materials. This means no matter the weather or temperature, you will remain comfortable under the roof of a Woodytent.

Have any questions about the materials or details that comprise a Woodytent. Visit our Contact Page and ask away! We’d love to hear from you.

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