Family weekend getaways

My husband and i liked to camp, i said liked to camp….!!


Since the little one is here we haven’t gone away much. Luckily we live on our own peace of heaven with a Woody Tent in the Backyard You might not have one in your backyard but you can always rent one on several different campgrounds!


Last saturday we needed a break from everyday life, work to pay the bills, clean up around and in the house.

We decided on another staycation in the Woody tent! Even our 2 year old slept in! He was tired of playing with his trucks on the deck, sitting around the campfire in his little frog chair. Sipping ‘beer’ from his sippy cup.


After he went to bed, hubby and I had one of those long conversations. A Campfire date night, nothing better then that for us. Crackling fire, good company and a couple drinks.


Sometimes you need to take a break, sit back and relax, that last one is hard for me… Nothing more satisfying then rolling into the Woody Tent after a couple cans of Twisted Tea with a slight smell of campfire a snoring husband and a warm 2 year old by your side.


The soft sunlight that warmed the Woody Tent in the morning, gave us a sense of serenity and total relaxation, the deer that we saw in the field through the window justed added to the Woody Charm. Our personal human alarm clock give us an extra hour and a half! Some days we really love him….  LOL


Take a break, get a Woody Tent or rent one!


Live, Bark, Glamp

Tips For Glamping With Your Dog


Pets are a part of many camping families. It is known that many people get into Glampimg because they are able to bring their pets along; dogs are the most popular companion. Most campgrounds are pet friendly. It’s important to keep your pets safe, here are some things to consider:


Be a considerate Glamper Ensure a positive experience for you and other campers by following the campground rules. These rules are put in place to help keep your dog and others safe.


  • Keep your pet on a leash or stake him while at your Glampsite. You don’t want the risk of your dog running off or getting injured. Glampers are usually friendly but dogs running loose can be disturbing to others.


  • Clean up after your pet. Bring enough baggies to take care of your dog’s business. Many campgrounds have specific dog walking areas with dog waste stations. Help keep the park clean under foot.
  • Plan activities that include your dog. You brought him along to have fun together so try not to leave your pet at the site all the time.


Dog proof your Glamping tent


  • Dogs are excitable and want to get outside quickly..


  • Close off rooms you don’t want your pet in.


  • Remove temptations by putting food away and have a garbage lid can that locks closed.


Find below a couple must have gadget for when you travel with your pet !


Have fun Glamping with your pet is a great way to bond. With a little consideration for others and some preparation, you and your dog will enjoy getting back to nature together.


Have fun !

10 Easy Glampfire songs

When it comes time to lead the sing-along, you need some easy acoustic guitar songs that are known and loved by all.

Here are a few that will get the crowd going and make you look like a genius…even if they only are three chords!



  1. Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison

This has always been a favorite of mine. Probably because of my own brown eyes.

And why not. It’s got an easy, breezy sensibility and a walk-in-the-sunshine vibe.

  1. Down on the Corner – Creedance Clearwater Revival

Be sure to have a tambourine on hand for this one. The song chronicles the tale of the fictional band Willy and the Poor Boys, and how they play on street corners to cheer people up and ask for nickels.

You might want to pass the hat while you’re jamming out on this one. Or at least jangle a couple of nickels in a cup.


  1. Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffett

There are boatloads of diehard Buffett fans out there, and I’m betting you’ll find plenty of folks ready to raise a glass to this one.

“Margaritaville” was released in 1977 on the album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.

This song was written about a drink Buffett discovered at Lung’s Cocina del Sur restaurant on Anderson Lane in Austin, Texas, and the first huge surge of tourists who descended on Key West, Florida around that time. He wrote most of the song that night in Austin and finished it while spending time in Key West. It remains Buffett’s highest charting solo single.

Has Buffett contributed to the popularity of the Margarita? We may never know, but I say HELL YEAH!


  1. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da – The Beatles

If there ever was a song written for singing along, this is it!

The iconic syllabic chorus is a crowd-pleaser for sure!

“Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” is a song credited to Lennon–McCartney, but written by Paul McCartney, and released by the Beatles on their 1968 album The Beatles (commonly called The White Album).

It was released as a single that same year in many countries, but not in the United Kingdom, nor in the United States until 1976.

It’s reported that John Lennon was never particular enchanted with it, but you must admit, its carefree happy-go-lucky vibe is perfect for a by-the-fire sing-along!


  1. Stir It Up – Bob Marley

“Stir It Up” is a song by Bob Marley in 1967, written for his wife Rita, and first made popular by Johnny Nash.

“Stir It Up” was Bob Marley’s first successful song outside Jamaica.

I particularly like that it opens with the chorus. The sing-along begins right off the top!


  1. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

This iconic song proves you don’t have to be from the south to love southern rock.

Released by Lynyrd Skynyrd, it first appeared in 1974 on their second album, Second Helping.

It reached Number 8 on the US charts in 1974 and was the band’s second hit single.  So crank it up, or at least strum louder!


  1. Free Falling – Tom Petty

Capo 3 frets then play as written

This laid back tune has an iconic chordal strum that runs through the entire song.

Easy and cool!


  1. Come On Get Higher – Matt Nathanson

I admit it. I’m partial to the songs of Matt Nathanson.

He’s just hits the lyrics on the head and writes ultimately singable melodies.

“Come On Get Higher” was co-written by and Mark Weinberg and released as the second single from his album Some Mad Hope in 2008.


  1. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

This minimalist song is simply brilliant.

It’s second single from Snow Patrol’s fourth album.


  1. Wonderwall – Oasis

I have personally played this around a campfire and I bet some of you have too!

It’s the song everyone loves to sing along too. What is a “wonderwall?” Who cares!


From farmer, landowner to Glamping professional

From farmer to Glamper

There is one place we can go to get a very good idea of what people are looking for as their next vacation, as well as discovering other new and emerging trends. This place is the most popular online search engine in the world…Google. When we study data Google provides about its users, it shows that the term ‘camping’ has strong seasonal fluctuations and is on a very gradual decline. This demonstrates that users of Google are starting to use different search terms, which in turn can indicate a change of behaviour.

However, when we study the term ‘glamping’ we discover that it is performing extremely well by growing rapidly on a strong incremental line, while still demonstrating seasonal fluctuations.

Google can also give us more clues about how our habits as tourists are changing, as new ways to book our holidays are becoming more common. For example, the hospitality booking system Airbnb is rapidly increasing in popularity and showing no signs of slowing down. This online system gives owners of unique glamping stays the opportunity to easily and cheaply list their structures and generate healthy annual bookings and financial returns.

An interesting aspect of glamping is how it is attracting an entirely new group of customers into the outdoor hospitality market. People who have never before considered traditional camping – and never will – are exploring the possibilities of glamping. This is helping the market grow while opening up opportunities and prospects for the future.

Unsurprisingly, as the glamping trend increases, the popularity of starting a glamping business increases too as it offers an exciting, new opportunity for lifestyle entrepreneurs and landowners. One of the best kept secrets in this industry is that some glamping business models can achieve a return on investment and pay for setup costs within the first two years, and sometimes even before. This is quite an achievement for a new business.

Glamping is also a diversification option for farmers and landowners wanting to broaden income achieved from a plot of land and spread their earning portfolio to cushion fluctuations throughout the year. Previously this may have been bed and breakfast, but the impact on everyday life with strangers wandering around the family home can prove to be difficult. It may also have been possible to develop self-contained holiday accommodation within an unused space, but for many the early development costs can prove to be too much. As a result, the low cost and high income benefits of starting a glamping business are being explored.

In addition, glamping provision is rapidly becoming a ‘lifestyle business’ choice for entrepreneurs who have become increasingly disillusioned with the day job and turn to it as a way of improving their quality of life. New owners are able to use their time being creative and in charge of their future, while spending much more time outside. It’s an empowering shift from the conventional 9 to 5 existence and is another reason a glamping business is proving to be so popular.

From my experience as an independent industry expert, helping new businesses launch into this market, I have identified many key areas that lead to success. However, it’s particularly important to focus on a degree of uniqueness, but then our Woodytents are just irresistible for anyone.

Don’t let mosquitoes suck the fun out of your Summer

Now that summer is here, more and more insects are buzzing around. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a nice hike and realizing that you’ve been an unsuspecting feast for the mosquitoes. Not only are mosquito bites annoying and irritating, but mosquitoes spread viruses and disease. There are things that you can do to be less attractive to mosquitoes, such as wearing lighter clothing (they are attracted to darker colours), drying off your sweat, and making sure not to get too warm (they are attracted to the scent of sweat and body heat).


Find below my solution to Mosquitoes !



I was told by a few people that Bounce! dryer sheets are good at keeping mosquitoes away. A friend said that he had been told by a park ranger that they were her go-to solution – she would just tie a sheet to her shirt and off she’d go. I was quite excited about this since those sheets are quite cheap and the scent lasts for a long time so you wouldn’t have to change them everyday, and they must be less toxic than harsh insect repellents. I tested this method out on a few summer nights out on the water though and I’m sad to say this did not work for me in the slightest. If you have some of these lying around though it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot – let us know how it works for you!


This is the solution I settled on after deciding that I was too cheap to buy the Insect Defend Patch, considering that if you are going to be outdoors a lot in the summer you will have to replace the patch every day. Since the main ingredient is Vitamin B1, I just went out and bought a bottle of Vitamin B1 pills. Note, however, that you cannot simply take a whole bunch of B1’s and hope that they seep through your pores. Your body can’t absorb enough B1 for you to emit enough to keep bugs away, and will probably just pass out what isn’t needed. Not to mention the fact that you probably shouldn’t take more than the recommended dosage. You would also have to wait for it to pass through your system before it was effective, if it was at all.

What I did was take about 3 B1 tablets, crush them (or you could buy pills and open them and take out the powder) and mix it in about a cup of water. Not all of the pills dissolved so you could probably get away with less, but I wanted to make sure to saturate the solution for maximum effect. Then I just put it in a spray bottle, and sprayed liberally all over my skin, rubbed in a bit and let dry.

This method really worked. You will definitely smell like Vitamin B1 pills, but it’s really cost effective (3 pills lasted me all summer), and I had no qualms about rubbing it all over, including my face and on children, unlike other dangerous chemical based repellents. It will also start working as soon as it’s been applied. This method worked so well for me that I have stopped trying all other methods. Make sure to reapply though if you have been sweating lots or go swimming.

Glamp Fires, the s’more the merrier!

Glamping  and camping don’t exist without a fire. No better place to drink that cold one and gather with your friends!


To unwind at the end of a relaxing Glamping day, nothing better then the warmth of a fire

There’s nothing like the sweet smell of marshmallows toasting over an open fire, or hot dogs roasting on a stick. But, when cooking and camping, campfire safety is of utmost importance.

So, before you get dinner started, you need to be sure you’re not just enjoying a gourmet meal, but staying safe while you do. Here are five simple fire safety tips for your next glamping adventure.


Step 1: Look Up and Around

Campfire safety starts well before the fire gets roaring. When scouting out your fire pit, make sure it’s not under any low hanging branches or near brush or bushes. These can easily go up in flames if the fire gets bigger than anticipated.

You should also keep an 8 to 10 foot radius clear of anything, including tents, chairs and food.


Step 2: Safety Proof Your Pit

While most campgrounds have a pit already dug out, it’s not always ready to go when it comes time for your first fire. Depending on who was there before, there may be some additional safety measures to take.

  • Clear all debris from around the fire pit, including garbage and grass. There should be a 5-foot perimeter of soil around the campfire space.
  • If there is no metal ring, circle the pit with rocks. If your fire grows in size, this will help keep it within these borders.
  • Keep any flammable items far from the fire. This includes aerosol cans and pressurized containers.

If you ever have any questions, you can always call over your campground ranger. Campfire safety is their number one priority, and rangers can double check whether the pit is ready to use or not. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Step 3: Have Water Nearby

A big gust of wind or new piece of wood could cause your fire to grow larger than anticipated. In that case, you want to always have water, dirt or a shovel nearby to help reduce the flames or put it out completely if necessary. Controlling the fire can be just as important as putting it out.


Step 4: Always Watch

Whether you’re camping alone, with friends or your whole family, it’s easy to get distracted and walk away from the fire. Regardless of what is going on, make sure someone always has an eye on the fire. Especially keep an eye on pets and children that may be sitting or walking close by.

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Part of keeping an eye on the growing flames is ensuring that it’s built properly from the start. This allows it to develop at a safe and controllable rate.

  • Start the fire with kindling and put the wood in a teepee shape around that. Add larger, dry pieces as it grows.
  • Avoid using flammable liquids. This can quickly and easily get out of hand.


Step 5: Extinguish Before Bed

When it’s time to retire to bed, you need to put out the fire. There are a number of ways you can do this; throwing water or dirt on the fire is always the best option. Afterward, stir the embers around to ensure another fire won’t start. Ideally, the coals should be wet and cold.

Most campers will agree: camping just isn’t the same without a campfire. However, a great weekend is quickly ruined if someone is hurt or something catches flame. Keep campfire safety in mind, and the fun will surely ensue.

Spring is around the corner

A couple more weeks till spring, after the holidays winter never seems to end.


We always have a white christmas here in Northern Alberta. I love it, it adds to the coziness of Christmas. But when january comes around the corner i’m ready for spring. This february we had a great chinook blowing in, i was ready. I cleaned the tent, as part of my Spring cleaning, put out the cushions on the patio.


Felt the sun on my skin, took some nice pictures of my new decorations, i can’t wait to get glamping again. Me, my family, and our Glamping tent in our backyard. Love the feeling inside the tent that offers sunshine in the middle of winter.


Starting seedlings in the greenhouse, get the garden ready and pick destinations for the summer holidays. That last stretch before spring seems longer every year. This year we beat it, our winter depression with our own skating rink on our pond.  Friends came out for a fire on the ice and some skating.


We all had a good time, soon we will have to go ice fishing as well. Or maybe have a curling contest on a weekend. With all these activities, winter is not bad at all. In the end i almost regret spring, as everything turns brown and muddy!


Every season has its charms, but i have grown to love the winter season more and more , with the white roofs, northern lights and the full moons. Even the driving isn’t as bad as when i first moved here. I used to be that granny driving in the slow lane going 40km on the highway…… I know it’s bad, but i was admiring the vue….


Let’s look forward to spring, summer and glamping!

Glamp up you safaritent!

So you’re planning on buying or have bought a safari tent? But how can you make yours stand out? With the right decoration and elements you can create an unique glamping tent  where your guests can enjoy their time away from stress and preoccupations!

First of all you should think about what kind of style you want to go with, modern, country chic or coastal. Choosing the right style can attract more customers!

Once your choice has been made you can start picking your items.

To give you an idea I’ve created a list with items that have a big impact on the overall picture :

  • Decorative throw pillows

Coussin 2 Coussin 1

  • Carpets

Tapis 1 Tapis 2

  • Light fixtures

Lampe 1 Lampe 2

  • Unique coffee tables

Table 1 Table 2

  • Wall accents and whatyoumecallits

Deco 1 Deco 2

You will find all these products on

There is so much to choose from that isn’t always easy to find the right fit! But start with the basics and stay within the chosen style.

Good luck and have fun decorating!

I’ve spilled the beans, chili recipe while glamping!

What better comfort food then chilli, easy to prepare and delicious after a day of hiking. It can easily feed an army of friends or family and takes very little skill. Even my husband can do it !


Needed ingredients for 4;

  • 1 Lb ground beef
  • 1 Diced onion
  • 3 Peppers diced
  • 2 Cans of crushed tomatoes
  • 1 Can of kidney beans
  • 1 Can of black beans
  • 1 Jar of tomato sauce
  • 1 Tbsp of beef oxo
  • Spices, 1 tsp of each, paprika, cayenne pepper, cumin, salt and pepper
  • 1 Cup of water
  • Cheese, sour cream and buns to top it off.


If you own a slow cooker bring it, you can add all the ingredients in the slow cooker, turn it on and go for a hike.


You can prepare it in a dutch oven or on the barbecue as well. Brown the ground beef first, drain the excess graise, add vegetables, cook them for about 10 minutes. Add all spices, crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, beans cover and simmer for 1-2 hours.

Serve in large bowls topped with sour cream and cheese, buns on the side!
Enjoy this chili around the campfire, surrounded by nature !

Less camping, more glamping

The idea of camping speaks to you, but saying goodbye to all the luxuries you are used too is probably too big of a step. Glamping is the perfect solution. But what exactly is it and how do you do that?

A course on glamping for beginners

What is glamping?

It is a literal combination of glamor and camping. Camping with a touch of glamor. You have to see it like this: you enjoy nature and freedom like camping, but doing so in a glamorous setting. The word has been around a while, some people think that the hype is already over, but nothing is less true. Glamping is no hype or trend, is celebrating a new way of vacationing that will remain many, many years. It is the alternative to an expensive rv payment or beach holiday. In this day and age, when most our time is spent behind screens, we can use some fresh air in nature.

Is Glamping for you?

No form fits all, but Glamping can be done with your lover, with children, groups of friends and even for a honeymoon. That should just about appeal to everyone.  Win win situation.

Getting started: How and where do you find the right spot?

Decide where you want to go: stay close to home or venture out to new horizons. And determine the budget, what you want to spend it. Remember that part of the price is also a  lot about the experience, the location : you are one with nature, spend the whole day outside and sleep in a comfortable bed in a beautiful tent.

What to bring ?

Remember that you are going camping. Although luxury, but it’s still camping. So bring, a pair of boots or shoes that can get dirty and are waterproof (well, rain is part of the deal), some good books, some cold ones and good friends.

What to expect?

Birds that sing, the wind in the trees, wildlife close by and the warmth of the sun are still part of it. It’s all part of the whole, you enjoy being outdoors, be one with nature, good conversations and a bonfire. Only this time in a good bed with sheets and your own private bathroom!  It’s an experience you will not forget!

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