Beef + Bacon = Cow + Pig = Moo + Oink = MOINK!

moink balls

Crazy title? No it’s the name of one of my favorite appetizers when glamping! What I am talking about?  MOINK balls, nicely bacon wrapped Italian meatballs grilled and mopped with a beautiful BBQ sauce! Just look at the picture, mouth-watering isn’t it?


I love to make my meals on the barbecue, especially during my holidays and weekends off. Nothing better than a cold beer and an appy. It just takes about 15 minutes to get ready and 30 minutes to cook. You can put your favorite BBQ sauce on it and for the real deal smoke them for about 15 min on hickory.


There are a lot of different recipes but my favorite recipe when I relaxing must be with the deep frozen Italian meatballs and simple bacon slices. Just use a standard barbecue sauce (cattle boys barbecue sauce my favourite!) and glamp it up with some spicy sauce or some berry jelly to make sweet MOINK balls!


MOINK balls:


–       Italian meatballs deep frozen precooked (1 bag)

–       1 Package of bacon

–       Montreal Steak spice

–       BBQ sauce



Prep time 15 mins

–       Defrost the meatballs

–       Cut the bacon slices in half

–       Roll the meatballs in the dryrub

–       Wrap a slice of bacon around the meatballs and fix it with a toothpick

–       Repeat

Grilling and smoking

–       Preheat the barbecue, keep the temperature low

–       Grill the MOINK balls  for about 30 minutes, the bacon should be crispy!

–       Now take your bbq sauce and mob it on the MOINK balls to give it a nice glazing

–       Give the balls an other 15 minutes on the grill

–       Ready!


I also tried a vegetarian variation, which is awesome as well! Buy in this case vegan ‘meat’ balls and portabella mushrooms. Remove the steel of the mushroom and put the meatball in the mushroom. Grill and smoke the combination for 15 minutes and than give it a nice bbq sauce mob. Then another 5 minutes and your MUVE’s balls (just made this up 😉 are ready to enjoy!