Frequently asked questions

How much do we charge for our Woodytents?

Each tent is priced differently. Select which model you are interested in and please contact us. Include as much detail as possible, as well as any questions you might have. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

How much does shipping cost?

There is no set price for shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on the quantity and model you order, as well as your location. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Where are your Glamping tents made?

Our tents are fabricated in Europe from the highest quality materials available and shipped from our warehouse in Plattsburgh, New York. We meticulously supervise the quality and construction of our products to ensure we offer the best quality possible. We never stop improving or innovating! Let us know if you have any questions about the process.

What are your Glamping tents made of?

Our tents are crafted from high quality materials.

Starting with the foundation, our tents sit on top of ironwood posts, some of the hardest and most durable wood available. The structural posts of the tent frame are brown pressure-treated wooden poles that have a diameter of 100 mm. The connections are fully galvanized steel. Our decking is pressure treated for maximum longevity and easy maintenance.

The quality of our materials carries over into what covers the outside of the tent. We use fire-retardant canvas for the walls, and Serge Ferrari PVC for the roof, the highest quality PVC currently available.

For us at Woodytent, the quality of our products is our number one priority and we never stop improving or innovating! Reach out to us for additional questions about the materials we use.

How long does delivery take?

Due to the wide range of options we offer on our tents, it really depends on when and what products you are ordering. Delivery time varies since every tent we ship is custom made. On average, the production and delivery of our tents takes 60 days after the order is processed and we receive your down payment. And of course, we can answer any questions you have about the timeline of your project.

What is the assembly process like?

We offer 3 different assembly options depending on your needs and what help you have available.

The first option is a kit option. We will ship you all the necessary materials to build your Woodytent along with detailed instructions on how to build it. This is the best option for campground owners looking for a DIY approach.

The second option is that we send a team to build your tents for you from start to finish. When we are done, you will be left with a fully built, glamping tent that you can immediately rent out to your campers.

The third option is for us to send a Woodytent building expert to your site. Our expert can guide and help you and your crew build a Woodytent from start to finish. Our instructors provide thorough detail and instructions throughout the process to ensure that you and your team can build the rest of your Woodytents with confidence.

Don’t know which options is best for you? Contact us and we can help determine the best option for you.



Do you offer on site consulting?

We do! We have years of experience in the placement of Glamping lodges and tents, and the technical know-how necessary to provide an accurate assessment of your Glamping potential! We can help you choose the best locations to place your tents, and even assist in the layout of Woodytents on your campground. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you realize your vision.

What is the required assembly time?

On average, it takes 80 man hours to assemble a Woodytent. This can vary depending on the size of the unit. If you need helping building your tents, be sure to contact us

Do you provide furniture?

Of course. Our specialty is providing turn-key Glamping solutions for our clients. We have a variety of furniture and accessory packages available from country chic barnwood furniture to luxurious bed linens. Do you have a specific design vision for furnishing your tent? Contact us and we will work with you make your design dream a reality.

Can standard designs be customized?

We have thoroughly researched and proven lay-out designs for the interiors of our Glamping lodges, but we can also create a custom Woodytent lay-out plan for your individual needs. Just send us an email with your application requirements and we will design the perfect tent for you.

Do you offer decking?

We offer high quality wooden decks for all of our tents. The deck is built on top of FSC regulated tropical wood ground posts (25+ year lifetime), and is constructed with pressure treated wood. Looking for a specific deck to suit your campers’ needs? Let us know.

How do you heat/air condition the tents?

We recommend using space heaters, or a centrally ventilated heating system (easily run in through a deck vent).

We DO NOT recommend using open flame to heat the tent. Canvas is a fabric material, and even though we do use fire resistant canvas, it’s not fire proof. 

For cooling, we can provide an air conditioning unit for the Woodytent . Running the A/C through the floor vents is very easy and works extremely well. Our Woodytents are also very well designed to allow for maximum airflow and super efficient, natural cooling.

For the best of both world, we recommend split units which serve the dual purpose of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Contact us and we will work with you to find the best air control options for your climate.

How long can I plan to rent my Woodytent to campers?

With average use and good upkeep, the life expectancy of a Woodytent is generally:

PVC Roof: 10-15 years

Canvas: 10 years

Deck, Furniture, and Structure: 10-15 years

We are always available to answer any questions you have about the longevity of your tent.


How do Woodytents stand up to the elements?

Extremely well! Woodytents can be placed in virtually any environment. The canvas and PVC roof are UV resistant. Extra roof frames can be constructed to handle heavy snowfall. When tent walls are kept taut, the structure is very wind resistant. Let us know about your environment so we can set up your tent for year round success!


Do you sell used tents?

No, we do not sell used tents.

Do you have a show room?

From 2019 on we will have a showroom at our warehouse located in Plattsburgh, New York. We will build one tent outside to demonstrate how our tents stand up to annual snowfall, rain, and summer heat. Another tent will be built inside to showcase our furniture, bedding, and design options. We will be located 5 minutes from Plattsburgh Airport, so let us know if you would like to stay updated on our progress and come see our glamping tents in person.

Do you offer a volume discount?

Yes, we offer volume discounts depending on tent design and quantity. Contact us to further discuss volume discount options with us.

Are your tents considered "Temporary Structures"?

Yes and no.

Our tents can be classified as “temporary structures” since they use ironwood posts instead of concrete for their foundation. But our tents are still tents and can be unassembled at any time. 

The reason we say no is because while our tents can be disassembled if you so choose, they are designed and built to stay up for years and years. No need to tear it down at the end of your season!

For more clarification on this distinction, send us an email and we will answer any questions you have.

What information should I provide when ordering a Woodytent?

While Woodytents are very versatile, every project is different and the more information you provide us, the more we can tailor construction for your needs. Let us know what the climate is like in your area. Information such as how much rain or snow you receive in a year, storm conditions, and soil type will help us ensure that the construction of your Woodytent is perfectly suited to your environment.

Also, let us know the height variance on the plot you would like the tent built on. Our tents can handle a height difference in terrain of 5 feet or 1.5 meters at the most.

Contact us with as much of the above information as possible and we will provide you with the best tent options for you.

Do you have unanswered questions? Please contact us so we can help you further!