Family weekend getaways

My husband and i liked to camp, i said liked to camp….!!


Since the little one is here we haven’t gone away much. Luckily we live on our own peace of heaven with a Woody Tent in the Backyard You might not have one in your backyard but you can always rent one on several different campgrounds!


Last saturday we needed a break from everyday life, work to pay the bills, clean up around and in the house.

We decided on another staycation in the Woody tent! Even our 2 year old slept in! He was tired of playing with his trucks on the deck, sitting around the campfire in his little frog chair. Sipping ‘beer’ from his sippy cup.


After he went to bed, hubby and I had one of those long conversations. A Campfire date night, nothing better then that for us. Crackling fire, good company and a couple drinks.


Sometimes you need to take a break, sit back and relax, that last one is hard for me… Nothing more satisfying then rolling into the Woody Tent after a couple cans of Twisted Tea with a slight smell of campfire a snoring husband and a warm 2 year old by your side.


The soft sunlight that warmed the Woody Tent in the morning, gave us a sense of serenity and total relaxation, the deer that we saw in the field through the window justed added to the Woody Charm. Our personal human alarm clock give us an extra hour and a half! Some days we really love him….  LOL


Take a break, get a Woody Tent or rent one!


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