Earn money by using Woodytent tents!

Glamping is the trend in the tourism industry worldwide and our tents can offer you this new dimension to your activity!

We advice and support you in this new business venture. We offer turn-key glampings solutions, not only the tents but also how to implement this new concept in an existing or new business.

How it works


You know there is a potential! It starts with understanding your environment and picking the right spot and type of tent suiting the goal you’re persuing.


What are concurrents charging per night and what is their business proposition?


Glamping is a upcoming trend and our tents will make your product stand out on the market! This makes it possible to charge a premium and make your money back sooner than on a similar investment.


We have 20+ business experience on hand and can help you in the different states of the process. Even better we are able to deliver turn-key projects.

All projects are unique! We are happy to help you. Please contact us by email or phone and we will bring your idea and business to life.