Glamping Lodge


This tent with a second storey promises to be the eye-catcher of the upcoming season.
This luxuriously decorated Woody Loft contains a complete kitchen, a dining area, living room and lots of storage possibilities. Don’t forget the master bedroom and the spacious bathroom that hold a luxury shower, vanity and toilet.

The kids will absolutely love and adore their sleeping facility! This second floor does not take away the feeling of being in a tent; climbing up the wooden stairs you will find 3 beds under a canvas roof providing a cozy and snug sleeping area.

The Woody loft offers a large living area and provides privacy to all family members. The insulated version could provide a year round glamping experience around a wood stove.


The general specifications are applicable for all sizes.

All Lodges come with the pressure treated brown poles and the fully galvanized connectors. Pressure treated deck boards on the inside and the outside of the tent. 

The canvas has been tested intensively for it’s water resistance and it’s strength to withstand the most extreme conditions.
All equipment in the Lodges are tested for their functionality and it’s resistance to extensive use. We provide the Glamping Lodges with high quality equipment for a rental industry though product.

For all specification you can download this file: Specification EN

Woody Loft S

  • Overall size: 462 ft² (43m²)
  • Inner tent dimensions: 17.7 ft x 16.4 ft (5.4 x 5m)
  • Suitable for maximum 5 persons
  • Includes a 172 ft² (16m²) veranda
  • 1 standard lay-outs

Woody Loft S for 5 persons

Woody Loft M

  • Overall size: 580 ft² (54m²)
  • Inner tent dimensions: 17.7 ft x 22.96 ft (5.4 x 7m)
  • Suitable for 6 – 8 persons
  • Includes a 172 ft² (16m²) veranda
  • 2 standard lay-outs

Woody Loft M for 6 persons parents upstairs

Woody Loft L

  • Overall size: 700 ft² (65 m²)
  • Inner tent dimensions: 17.7 ft x 29.5ft (5.4 x 9 m)
  • Suitable for 7 – 8 persons
  • Includes a 172 ft² (16m²) veranda
  • 1 standard lay-outs

Woody Loft L for 8 persons

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