Woody Tent

Our most popular tent


The Woody tent is available in many different lay outs. We have Woody tents available with a luxurious bathroom, up to 7 guest sleeping facilities, large living room and fully equipped kitchen. Or Woody tents with living rooms, fully equipped kitchens and bedrooms for up to 4 guests,  All lay outs include a good amount of storage space. Enough closet space for luggage and clothes, enough cupboard space for all the utensils you might need for 7 guests. 

All the Woody tents have barnwood walls that add the extra charm, all the sturdy furniture made from a good quality new barnwood make that the glamping experience is complete.  The partially covered deck with pressure treated patio furniture, will make wildlife watching a breeze. 
The Woody tent is able to be installed on any surface and will create life long lasting memories for young and old. The woodytent has been the best selling tent for the past 5 years. Also available in a year round insulated version to be able to enjoy the glamping experience around a woodstove. 

The general specifications are applicable for all sizes.

All woodys comes with the pressure treated brown poles and the fully galvanized connectors. Pressure treated deck boards on the inside and the outside of the tent.

The canvas has been tested intensively for it’s water resistance and it’s strength to withstand the most extreme conditions.
All equipment in the woodys are tested for their functionality and it’s resistance to extensive use. We provide the woodys with high quality equipment for a rental industry though product.

For all specification you can download this file: Specification EN

Woody Tent S

  • Overall size: 430 ft² (40m²)
  • Inner tent dimensions: 16.4 ft x 16.4 ft (5 x 5m)
  • Suitable for 4-5 persons
  • Includes a 161 ft² (15m²) patio
  • 3 standard lay-outs

Woody Tent S for 4 persons

Woody Tent M

  • Overall size: 538 ft² (50 m²)
  • Inner tent dimensions: 16.4 ft x 23 ft (5 x 7 m)
  • Suitable for 5-6 persons
  • Includes a 161 ft² (15m²) patio
  • 2 standard optimilized lay-outs

Woody Tent M for 5 persons

Woody Tent L

  • Overall size: 645 ft² (60 m²)
  • Inner tent dimensions: 16.4 ft x 29.5 ft (5 x 9 m)
  • Suitable for 6-7 persons
  • Includes a 161 ft² (15m²) patio
  • 2 standard optimalized lay-outs

Woody Tent L for 7 persons

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